Part of the group show THE PRODUCTION OF SPACE.
KTA Lindenlei, Ghent.

With Luanda Casella & Giovanni Barcella, Thomas De Ridder, Olivier Goethals, Felix Fasolt, Bert Joostens, GAFPA & Max Kesteloot, Kristof Lemmens & Paul C. Luttik, Thierry Mortier.
Curator: Bert Heytens.

Building a heterotopic space within the heterotopic space of the KTA-Lindenlei. A freestanding circular object in an old chemistry classroom. The foggy maze-like-interior is filled with plants but still accessible; waiting for potential visitors.

under: original text in Dutch which was put on the wall opposing the entrance of the circular space.
On the right side an English 2020 google-translation.