inverse, youniverse


Solo at Kunstverein Arnsberg.
Curated by Pauline Doutreluingne.
With kind support of Flanders. Thx!
+ Thx at Dr. Andrea Piorreck-Teiser and Dr. Johannes Teiser, Horst Krause & Werner Musenbrock!


KHG 04


New spatial intervention for Kunsthal Gent.



20240524 19:00

Academy of Architecture
Herdenkingsplein 12, Maastricht

Table discussion with Annette Gigon, Olivier Goethals, John Körmeling & Dorien de Wit.
organized by Saar Meganck.

"I think we all think to much; while I sense ‘not-knowing’ is key for creativity.
Playful, not-knowing, relating to the dynamics of context; we re-connect."

Dream the Dream that Dreamers Dream


groupshow at Kristof De Clercq gallery, Ghent.
with Veronika Bezdenejnykh, Lutgart De Meyer, Olivier Goethals, Serban Ionescu, Sébastien Reuzé, Svelte Thys, Thomas Vandenberghe.

Kristof De Clercq proudly presents Dream the Dream that Dreamers Dream, a multigenerational group show curated by Isaline Raes, featuring Veronika Bezdenejnykh, Lutgart De Meyer, Olivier Goethals, Serban Ionescu, Sébastien Reuzé, Svelte Thys and Thomas Vandenberghe. It brings the work of seven Belgium-based artists to the gallery for the first time and includes paintings, drawings, photographs, collages and sculptures.
The exhibition’s title, inspired by Eden Ahbez's song Full Moon (1960), evokes the idea of living freely, connecting with nature, and unveiling magic in the ordinary to foster a profound connection with our world.
Embodying a freestyle attitude and guided by intuition, the selected artists transcend the boundaries of their respective disciplines and embrace the serendipity of experimentation. Rejecting the pursuit of mere technical perfection, they view mistakes and coincidences as gateways to novel connections. Their chosen mediums serve as their playgrounds for instinctual exploration, incorporating diverse techniques, materials, and subjects, which are often linked to nature and everyday life.

In their practices, the artists delve into the realms of memory, consciousness, and transcending reality. Their works invite us to immerse ourselves in the artists' unique universes. The exhibition is an invitation to dream the dream that dreamers dream—a collective attempt to explore the boundless territories beyond reality.

La mosure des termites part 2

20231019 - 20240107

Spatial intervention/exhibition design for group show 'La Morsure des Termites'. Palais De Tokyo, Paris.
For the second part of this group show I was invited to show 3 paintings from a 2023 series I named 'Happy Harvest'.

Curated by Hugo Vitrani.
Exhibition assistant: Violette Wood.

with: Chaz Bojórquez, Aline Bouvy, A. One (Anthony Clark), Samuel Bosseur, Brassaï, Miriam Cahn, Sophie Calle, COCO 144, Martha Cooper, Dado (Miodrag Durić), John Divola, Miho Dohi, Douceurxtrem, Douceurtarpinxtrem, Ida Ekblad, Mathias Enard, ENERI, Caley Feeney, Futura 2000, Richard Hambleton, Thomas Hirschhorn, Jenny Holzer, Antwan Horfee, Renaud Jerez, David L. Johnson, Margaret Kilgallen, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Renée Levi, Tala Madani, Mark Manders, Ari Marcopoulos, Roberto Matta, Gordon Matta-Clark, Julia Maura, MODE 2, Tania Mouraud, NOC 167, Nestor Nomakh, PHASE 2, Alexander Raczka, RAMMELLZEE, Jay Ramier, Leomi Sadler, SAEIO, Ataru Sato, SKKI©, Robert Smithson, SNAKE 1, STAY HIGH 149, Lisa Signorini, Hito Steyerl, Hervé Télémaque, Toni, Lily van der Stokker, VALIE EXPORT, Marion Widcoq, Martin Wong, Gérard Zlotykamien.
+additional from 20231019: Pablo Tomek, Ken Sortais, Nicolas Dolto, Sarkis, André Cadere, Bruce Davidson, Pope L, Olivier Goethals, Eneri & Dennis Hopper.


20230910 - 20231022

LLS paleis, Antwerp.
Project with 019-Ghent.
Design fixed door, lock & key.

What happens if you leave the front door ajar — half closed, or half open?

From 10 September 2023 onwards, Ghent-based art collective 019 shifts the edges and dimensions of LLS Paleis’s art space. As a response to John Körmeling’s intervention, 019 constructs a new entrance. Part of the exhibition space temporarily turns into a front yard. As such, what is in- and outside, public and private, art space and sidewalk, is critically questioned by a simple gesture. 019 Will curate a program in the in-between, with artists adding subtle interventions to test the possibilities and limits of such a vaguely defined, semi-public space—a space obeying to different rules, welcoming other visitors, and generating both solicited and unsolicited artistic additions. With contributions by amongst others: Stijn ter Braak, Lizzy Ellbrück, Ilke Gers, Mathew Kneebone, Tony Matelli, Jan Minne, Mark Redele, Stéphanie Saadé, Joëlle Tuerlinckx and Lois Weinberger.

cross fields


Symposium at Bergen School of Architecture.
With LCLA-office, Liliane Mercioiu Popa, Marilena Preda Sanc, Olivier Goethals, a-Works, Natural Materials Studio, Studio Thinkinghand.


20230714 - 20210903

Groupshow at Kunsthal Gent


Small text about exhibition design for group show 'La Morsure des Termites'. Palais De Tokyo, Paris.
thx at Els Roelandt.

‘La Morsure Des Termites’ is een groepstentoonstelling in de kelderverdieping van Palais De Tokyo, Parijs. De show werd gecureerd door Hugo Vitrani. Voor deze show ontwierp ik een (in plan) S-vormige houten structuur die, 45° gedraaid, centraal in de ruimte is gepositioneerd. De structuur dwingt de bezoeker om op een andere manier de museale ruimte te beleven; je wandelt rond, tussen, langs en door de nieuwe structuur. Deze ruimtelijke ingreep organiseert en stuurt op een bewuste wijze de positie en blik van de toeschouwer. De structuur is gedeeltelijk bekleed met houten panelen maar laat ook vele doorzichten toe. De wanden hebben verschillende hoogtes en relateren met de hoogtes van de aanwezige plafonds. Monumentale tafelvlakken en lichtlijnen binden de nieuwe ingreep met de bestaande architectuur. De structuur genereert een open speelveld waartoe diverse kunstwerken zich verhouden, terwijl het tegelijkertijd een autonoom sculpturale kwaliteit beoogt. Voor deze structuur werd geen nieuw materiaal aangekocht door het museum. De structuur werd volledig opgebouwd uit recuperatiemateriaal van een vroegere ingreep die ik maakte voor Palais De Tokyo (‘Prince.sse.s Des Villes’ uit 2019).

Daarnaast ben ik vereerd om ook zelf 3 schilderijen te tonen met de titel 'Happy Harvest' (te bezichtingen vanaf 18 oktober wanneer het 2e deel van de tentoonstelling opent.)


20230616 - 2026

Hamburger Bahnhof – Nationalgalerie der Gegenwart, Berlin.
Spatial intervention for the exhibition 'Nationalgalerie: A Collection for the 21st Century'.

The Hamburger Bahnhof presents a multi-layered panorama of Berlin's art scene and the city itself, spanning from the threshold of the opening of the Berlin Wall through to the present. With the new presentation of the collection in the west wing, the Hamburger Bahnhof invites the public to reflect on the role of art and cultural institutions in fostering inclusion, engagement and social transformation.
Some 80 artworks, including paintings, works on paper, sculptures, photographs and videos, explore the sociopolitical and economic factors that have shaped the city and the artistic practices to have emerged from within it. Sibylle Bergemann, Rainer Fetting, Isa Genzken, Mona Hatoum, Emeka Ogboh, Anri Sala, Selma Selman, Isaac Chong Wai and Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt are among the 60 artists included in the display.
For the first time, the Nationalgalerie’s contemporary art holdings will enter into a long-term exchange with the art collection of the German Federal Government and the collection of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations. The exhibition will be further enriched by a selection of significant new acquisitions. Familiar major works will be shown alongside others that have rarely, if ever, been shown before.

The exhibition is curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, directors of the Hamburger Bahnhof & Catherine Nichols, curator at the Hamburger Bahnhof.

pictures: Michiel De Cleene


20230615 - 20231001

Spatial intervention/exhibition design for groupshow 'La Morsure des Termites'. Palais De Tokyo, Paris.
Curated by Hugo Vitrani.
Exhibition assistant: Violette Wood.

Through approaches that are parasitic, telescopic, fantasmatic, frictional, contradictory or simply based on friendship, 'La Morsure des Termites' attempts to undertake a re-reading of art history through the prism of graffiti. Here graffiti is neither a subject nor an aesthetic but rather an experience, an attitude, an imaginary, an underground current of thought : an experience of illegality and broken windows, the wanderings of bodies in movement, an attraction to murky perspectives, the romanticism of a kind of vandalism which is as much a form of care as of damage, and a fascination for visible and invisible languages that confront the precarious matter of the real and which shape themselves from it even as they transform it.

with: Chaz Bojórquez, Aline Bouvy, A. One (Anthony Clark), Samuel Bosseur, Brassaï, Miriam Cahn, Sophie Calle, COCO 144, Martha Cooper, Dado (Miodrag Durić), John Divola, Miho Dohi, Douceurxtrem, Douceurtarpinxtrem, Ida Ekblad, Mathias Enard, ENERI, Caley Feeney, Futura 2000, Richard Hambleton, Thomas Hirschhorn, Jenny Holzer, Antwan Horfee, Renaud Jerez, David L. Johnson, Margaret Kilgallen, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Renée Levi, Tala Madani, Mark Manders, Ari Marcopoulos, Roberto Matta, Gordon Matta-Clark, Julia Maura, MODE 2, Tania Mouraud, NOC 167, Nestor Nomakh, PHASE 2, Alexander Raczka, RAMMELLZEE, Jay Ramier, Leomi Sadler, SAEIO, Ataru Sato, SKKI©, Robert Smithson, SNAKE 1, STAY HIGH 149, Lisa Signorini, Hito Steyerl, Hervé Télémaque, Toni, Lily van der Stokker, VALIE EXPORT, Marion Widcoq, Martin Wong, Gérard Zlotykamien.

All wood was re-used from a previous intervention I did for Palais De Tokyo; see PRINCE.SSE.S DES VILLES 2019



A bouncy 019-Ghent project which will travel around.
Copying existing characteristics of the 019 building.
Including the design of 7 small flags and a suitable billboard.
Made possible by Saisons Zéro & Zwerm, Roubaix France.



A long and slender architectural project.
Refurbishment of rather unusual typology.

Project together with LDSRa.
For/with Common Room.
Structural Engineer: Elise Vandewalle.



Spatial intervention. Reorganizing the entrance of RIB, Rotterdam.



KULeuven, Faculty of Architecture, Technologiecampus Gent.


20230120 - 20230401

Small display for G.B. Jones and Kunstverein Amsterdam: "Kunstverein will begin the new year with the festive opening of the first European solo exhibition of punk polymath G.B. Jones (1965, Bowmanville, Canada). Please join us on januari 20. Brace yourself… Here’s where we begin. "
thx at Yana Foqué & Isabelle Sully.


20221202 - 20230320

Groupshow at 019-ghent with: Fan Collective, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Nicolas Deshayes, Ilke Gers, Olivier Goethals, Maria Gondek, Eline Harmse, JIJ’S, Oscar Tuazon, Thomas Min & Egon Van Herreweghe, Clémentine Vaultier & Ciel Grommen & Maximiliaan Royakkers, Bert Villa…

Beneath a cloud of gathering smoke, the thermostat lies.
A fire is burning. Another dies out.
Conduction, convection.
Bodies gather.
On the waterfront, a pile of ashes.

019 no longer finds itself at the edge of town: residential towers, supermarkets, banks, gas stations, playgrounds and parking lots envelop the building. At the same time, 019’s program is moving into public space more and more. It begs the question what this building is, what its function might be in a landscape that is no longer post–industrial but gentrified. The former welding factory is integrated in the zoning plan for the Oude Dokken as a building with a public function that both supports and complements the new (residential) developments. These are attempts at finding out what this public function could be: a series of exhibitions and interventions that delve into the potential of a perforated building.

Design scenography + artwork Heimat.



With works by: Shahin Afrassiabi, Josef Dabernig, Judy Dunaway, Peter Fengler, Steve Van den Bosch, gerlach and koop, Olivier Goethals, Thomas Helbig, Mathew Kneebone, Kianoosh Motellebi, Jack Segbars & Bo Stokkermans, and Marije de Wit. "Following the introduction of The Last Terminal: Reflections on the Coming Apocalypse last September, and Part 1: Survival of the Fittest: the big toe of little big man in November 2021, we continued with Part 2: Natural Selection in February 2022, Part 3: The Phantasy in March, Part 4: The Uncommunicative, and now Part 5: Vibrato. We are gradually adding new works and replacing some existing ones to build a narrative that evolves whilst we are rethinking our pathways and future.
Slide into being. Slither into existence. Swim into a pool that was bigger than you expected. Now we’re taking notes from the cricket, whose vibrations sing a seasonal song in looped repetitions ‘and then, and then, and then’: What now? Shall I write about the table that makes squeezing sounds as I press the keys, as if crickets are making love? Why not? Or mosquitos carving their way through my TK-Maxx trousers?
Sursurak (slide in Farsi) as part of the spatial interventions by Olivier Goethals will have you pass through the beard of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, and glide over the remnants of Kianoosh Motallebi’s work From a Marvellous Faucet. In addition to the fact that Motallebi’s work was knocked over last month by a visiting neighbor, it has also been attracting dust and debris from the MDF plates that were cut in its vicinity."

pompidou klara


Talk about participation at the Biennale De Lyon 2022.



Kunsthal Gent introduces its new bar, Sheela's. Ghent artists Theo De Meyer and Olivier Goethals together created an entirely new space at the entrance to Kunsthal Gent's main hall church. With the bar as a central element, this becomes a place for meeting and relaxation, complementing the building's work and exhibition spaces. In their practice, De Meyer and Goethals explore the boundaries of architecture, art and design. The result is a natural confluence of two highly personal visual languages.

The new bar takes its name from the Summerschool organised by Jesse Jones and Sara O'Rourke at Kunsthal Gent in the summer of 2022. The figure 'Sheela na Gig' is a medieval guardian spirit, a 'witch in the wall' still found on churches and other buildings across Europe.

Sheela's is open on weekends from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and during all public moments at Kunsthal Gent.

manifesto of fragility - La Biennale de Lyon

20220914 - 20221231

Conceived and curated by Sam Bardaouil & Till Fellrath (ArtReoriented, directors of Hamburger Bahnhof).

Manifesto of fragility
is structured along two distinct axes that function as complimentary conduits for the Biennale’s consideration of fragility. A vertical, temporal line will deliver more than 100 historical artworks and objects spanning two millennia on loan from several diverse collections in Lyon and abroad. A horizontal, geographical line carries the contributions of more than 80 contemporary artists from 39 countries engaging with the topic of fragility in a wide range of artistic practices.

This horizontal line includes works of Mohamad Abdouni, Gabriel Abrantes, Amina Agueznay, Remie Akl, Julio Anaya Cabanding, Giulia Andreani, Mali Arun, Dana Awartani, Clemens Behr, Nina Beier, Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Lucile Boiron, Phoebe Boswell, Sarah Brahim, Leyla Cárdenas, Julian Charrière, Jean Claracq, Clément Cogitore, Nicolas Daubanes, Jose Dávila, Buck Ellison, Eva Fàbregas, Mohammed Al Faraj, Philipp Fleischmann, Léo Fourdrinier, Chafa Ghaddar, Olivier Goethals, Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Marta Górnicka, Nicki Green, Joana Hadjitomas & Khalil Joreige, Klára Hosnedlová, Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Néstor Jiménez, Annika Kahrs, Özgür Kar, Mohammed Kazem, kennedy+swan, Michelle & Noel Keserwany, Tarik Kiswanson, Nadine Labaki and Khaled Mouzanar, Hashel Al Lamki, Richard Learoyd, Hannah Levy, Randa Maroufi, Lucy McRae, Jesse Mockrin, Filwa Nazer, Eva Nielsen, Toyin Ojih Odutola, Hans Op de Beeck, Organon Art Cie, Daniel Otero Torres, Abdullah Al Othman, Daniel De Paula, Aurélie Pétrel, Sarah del Pino, Joanna Piotrowska, Christina Quarles, Omar Rajeh and Mia Habis, Erin M. Riley, Sara Sadik, Cemile Sahin, Ezster Salamon with the Jeune Ballet of the CNSMD Lyon (under the artistic direction of Kylie Walters), Ugo Schiavi, Markus Schinwald, Sylvie Selig, Seher Shah, Jeremy Shaw, Muhannad Shono, Taryn Simon, Kim Simonsson, Valeska Soares, Studio Safar, Young-jun Tak, Lucia Tallova, Philipp Timischl, Salman Toor, Evita Vasiljeva, Puck Verkade, WangShui, Munem Wasif, James Webb, Hannah Weinberger, Raed Yassin, Zhang Ruyi and Zhang Yunyao.



Kunsthal Kade, Amersfoort.
"Brick, we see it every day. An ancient building material that occurs frequently in our environment for both the construction of walls and paving. The exhibition BAKSTEEN pays tribute to this material with work by more than fifty artists, architects and designers from the Netherlands and abroad. In new and existing work they show the beauty and expressiveness of fired stone. BAKSTEEN can be seen from 10 September in Kunsthal KAdE, the Elleboogkerk and via a tour of Amersfoort with new folly's and existing buildings."
Judith Van Meeuwen, exhibition curator.

With works of: Floris Alkemade (NL, 1961), Lara Almarcegui (ES, 1972), Marlon de Azambuja (BR, 1978), ATMosphere (NL, group), Iwan Baan (NL, 1975), Buro Belén (NL, group), Willem Besselink (NL, 1980), Marcel Broodthaers (BE, 1924-1976), Lisa Couwenbergh (NL, 1953), Ronny Delrue (BE, 1957), Wim Delvoye (BE, 1965), Filip Dujardin (BE, 1971), Latifa Echakhch (MA, 1974), Harun Farocki (CZ, 1944-2014), Olivier Goethals (BE, 1980), Wei Guangqing (CH, 1963), Shilpa Gupta (IN, 1976), Jasper Hagenaar (NL, 1977), Caroline Heinecke (DE, 1986), Bijoy Jain (IN, 1965), Immo Jalass (DE, 1938), Chris Kabel (NL, 1975), Per Kirkeby (DE, 1938-2018), Florens Kool (NL, 1988), John Körmeling (NL, 1951), Peter Land (DK, 1966), Evert Jan Ligtelijn (NL, 1893-1975), Bart Lunenburg (NL, 1995), Casper Luyken (NL, 1672-1708), Studio Makkink & Bey (NL, group), Hendrik Willem Mesdag (NL, 1831-1915), Koen Mulder (NL, 1971), Lennart de Neef (NL, 1990), Lieven Nijs (BE, 1976), Claes Oldenburg (SE, 1929-2022), Oscar Abraham Pabón Morales (VE, 1984), André Pielage (NL, 1975), Giovanni Battista Piranesi (IT, 1720-1778), Jan Poolen (NL, 1955), Roger Raveel (BE, 1921-2013), Ugo Rondinone (CH, 1964), Sandberg Instituut under Lotje van Lieshout, August Sander (DE, 1876-1964), Tanja Smeets (NL, 1970), Cornelia Schaap-Roozendaal (NL, 1901-1981), Bosco Sodi (MX, 1970), Omar Sosa (ES, 1983), Toni Spyra (DE, 1981), Ad Swinkels (NL, 1940), Suzie van Staaveren (NL, 1991), Jennifer Tee (NL, 1973), Joost van den Toorn (NL, 1954), Baukje Trenning (NL, 1969), Veron Urdǎrianu (RO, 1951), Gijs Van Vaerenbergh (BE, group), Johan Marinus de Vries (NL, 1892-1982), Marijke van Warmerdam (NL, 1959), Hendrik Johannes Weissenbruch (NL, 1824-1903), Karel Wetselaar (NL, 1935-2017) | Office Winhov | Hendrik Jan Wolter (NL, 1873-1952), Sol LeWitt (US, 1928-2007), Héctor Zamora (MX, 1974), Dolf Zwerver (NL, 1932-2010).

Pictures: Filip Dujardin, Peter Cox, Robbert Roos.

speaking chairs

Sint-Jacobskerk, Ghent.

100 Church chairs by 100 artists.
Project by Onbetaalbaar in collaboration with Campo, 019-ghent, Designmuseum Ghent.
Pictures by Richard Duyck.

Speaking Chairs is an investigation into the reallocation of the iconic church or prayer chair that has fallen into disuse. They systematically disappeared from churches, exchanged for more comfortable seats, or discarded in the wake of secularization. They are stacked meters high in dark cellars, waiting for a second life. As silent witnesses of a rich past.

By adding an R it becomes deliberately this tongue-in-cheek title.
A wooden church chair with the weight of an average person by using 5 bags of wood pellets. The bags are pierced with cheap incense sticks. A heavy chain is attached to the back so that the lighter cannot be stolen.

...About an assumed distrust and the current relationship with money, our alienation of Western tradition and the Catholic faith, Eastern spirituality as a decorative replacement, financial poverty and poverty in faith, the race to the bottom or the materialistic ideal of always a lot and always cheap, the changing value of energy and our cultural anxiety about these changes.


20220623 - 20221231

CAPC, Bordeaux.
Small scenography for a groupshow with works Carl Andre, Violette a, Vincent d’Arista, Miron Białoszewski, Włodzimierz Borowski, Daniel Buren, Michel Claura, André du Colombier, Florian Fouché, François Guinochet, Dan Graham, Raymond Hains, Izabella Jagiełło, Tadeusz Kantor, Eustachy Kossakowski, Edward Krasiński, Takahiko Iimura, Maria Ewa Łunkiewicz-Rogoyska, Krzysztof Niemczyk, Rachel Poignant, Henryk Stażewski, Hiroshi Yokoyama.

Curated by Sara Martinetti & Maria Matuszkiewicz.
Pictures of the making of by Frédéric Duval.
Other pictures by Arthur Pequin.


20220610 - 20220713

Schietbaanstraat 21 Rotterdam.

Groupshow curated by Studio-Verter.
With works of Olivier Goethals, Atelier Fanelsa, Centrala, Ania Molenda, Harriet Rose Morley, Ruben Dario Kleimeer and Mauricio Freyre. Together they examine and celebrate the different minor attitudes found in architecture and related disciplines like film, photography and art. Thanks at Claudio and Roxane ! Pictures: Max Hart Nibbrig.



Publication ROMA 426.
in collaboration with Kunsthal Gent.
336 pages. 16x24cm. 35€.
ISBN 9789464460162


This book presents an overview of the varied activities of Olivier Goethals (1980). Educated as an architect, Goethals embarked on an odyssey to explore the distinctions between art and architecture. His activities involve constructing buildings, reorganizing interiors, making cupboards, staging exhibitions, drawing pictures, writing poems, sculpting objects, producing paintings, designing scenographies, developing concepts, organizing collaborations, connecting spaces, starting conversations, giving lectures, teaching students, implementing designs, devising constructions, programming gifs, filling notebooks, putting up walls, and mounting installations. With an introduction by Christophe Van Gerrewey, and a Q&A with Olivier Goethals and Bernardo Kastrup.

Editing and Design: Ine Meganck & Valentijn Goethals, with Judith Eckhardt.
Publisher: ROMA Publications, Amsterdam
Printing: die Keure, Brugge
Made possible with the support from the Flemish community & Kunsthal Gent.

going down and up


Concrete tears and stairs for RIB, Rotterdam.
Pictures Lotte Stekelenburg.



Commissioned by Rivierpark Maasvallei & Z33. Curated by Tim Roerig.
Series of collages. Temporary artwork in public space. MORE MORE IS LESS.
Series of billboards along the N78/Rijksweg. This urbanized road runs parallel to the nearby river the Meuse.
5 Billboards show collages which contain recent & archive images of the flooded Meuse.
The billboards are positioned on potential building plots, leftover green fragments along the N78; plots which will soon be developed.
Portret picture: Lieven Geuns.
Other pictures: Michiel De Cleene

The Architecture of Deception / Confinement / Transformation

Publication 2022, 184 pp. Silvana Editoriale, ISBN9788836649204

The publication "The Architecture of Deception / Confinement / Transformation" accompanies the eponymously titled exhibition trilogy at BNKR - current reflections on art and architecture in Munich and showcases eighteen diverse artistic standpoints at the intersection of art and architecture. Each chapter directly correspond to the evolving history of the exhibition space, which was originally constructed as a camouflage air-raid bunker during the Second World War, then used as a postwar internment camp, and finally transformed into its current state as a mixed-use residential and office building. With contributions by the editors, David Adjaye and Nikolaus Hirsch, and Madeleine Freund.

Curated by: Sam Bardaouil, Till Fellrath.
Foreword: Stefan F. Höglmaier.
DECEPTION: Hans Op de Beeck, Cortis & Sonderegger, Emmanuelle Lainé, Bettina Pousttchi, Gregor Sailer, The Swan Collective.
CONFINEMENT: Mona Hatoum, Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Annika Kahrs, Özgür Kar, Joanna Piotrowska, Ramzi Ben Sliman.
TRANSFORMATION: Dana Awartani, Olivier Goethals, Eva Nielsen, Jeremy Shaw, Hannah Weinberger, Andrea Zittel.



The Architecture of Transformation.
BNKR - current reflections on art and architecture.
Ungererstraße 158, 80805 Munich.

The exhibition trilogy THE ARCHITECTURE OF, curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, presents diverse artistic standpoints at the intersection of art and architecture. Each of the three parts links directly to the evolving history of the building, which was originally built as a camouflaged air-raid shelter during the Second World War, then used as a postwar internment camp and finally converted into a residential and office building in 2014. This third and final part of the trilogy, entitled "The Architecture of Transformation", takes inspiration from the recent conversion of the building and looks at architectural transformation in the context of broader social discourses.

A site-specific intervention by Belgian architect and artist Olivier Goethals modifies architectural features in the exhibition spaces to enable new perspectives and undermine routine encounters. The American sculptor and installation artist Andrea Zittel proposes varying habitable sculptures in a series of works on paper that blur the boundaries between art and functionality. Combining photography, silkscreen printing and painting, French-Danish artist Eva Nielsen de-contextualizes familiar suburban architectural structures. Canadian artist Jeremy Shaw examines altered states of consciousness and the human longing for transcendence in his photographic works. In her video installation, Palestinian-Saudi artist Dana Awartani addresses the rapid social change taking place in Saudi Arabia and the resulting tensions between tradition and modernity. Throughout the exhibition spaces, a commissioned sound installation by Swiss artist Hannah Weinberger creates a sonic connection between the building’s past and present.

Olivier Goethals’ installation BE WARE exemplifies his eclectic practice that combines sculpture and architecture into a unique artistic amalgam. Referencing elements of the building’s exterior environment, Goethals’ structures are created entirely from materials that will be repurposed after the exhibition ends. Upon entering the exhibition space, visitors are invited to step onto an elevated walkway that provides an unusual perspective from which to observe the building’s architecture. The installation directly influences the natural flow of movement within the space and the way visitors engage with the artworks on display. It immediately shifts the atmosphere: engaging the space, the artworks and, most importantly, the visitors as co-conspirators in an unconventional spatial experience.
Pictures: Dominik Gigler.



Publication in collaboration with Ori.Studio.
Buy one at Da-in-print.
Thx at Maxim Cormier & Xuechen Fan!

Bookrelease Art Book Fair China / ABC Shanghai; for which I designed a small pavilion.

"The compilation which follows does not provide a comprehensive overview of the work and practice of Architect/Artist Olivier Goethals. Rather, it is an attempt to transcend the particularities and context of various works in isolation, and to instead demonstrate the cohesive relationships which work to build a coalescing whole. The title of this book, POEM, can thus be interpreted in two ways. The first being, as each copy has been arranged differently, images juxtaposed in a constantly changing order, but inexplicably interlinked combination after combination, the somehow illogical yet constructive system seems itself to act as a poetic manifestation of the narrative born out of Goethals practice in a way which words alone can not properly express. A spatial POEM of image and word.

The second derives from the nature of the word POEM itself. From the Greek “poieses” or “to make”, it seems to fittingly describe both this book, which itself combines various scenes, paintings, drawings, writings to make something which by virtue of newly revealed relationship, did not exist before, and the work, through means which cannot be described as dissimilar.

Each book is comprised of a series of combinations and juxtapositions, and no static order has been applied, as to demonstrate a pre-existing logic which slowly reveals itself in a constantly shifting cycle, where suddenly the intangible takes on physical form, in lines crossing 38 projects, 48 poems, and 132 images."

city & epoché


Academy of Architecture, Maastricht.
Thanks at Saar Meganck.



019's Museum of Moving Practice RESERVOIR WISHINGWELL at the Belgian Art and Design Fair.
Floralienhal Ghent.
Project with 019-ghent.



Article at Hart Magazine nr. 217
thx at Anke Vandemeulebroeke.

sous les cieux et les nuages


Spatial intervention for Kunsthal Gent.
Design of a painted steel structure which will gradually be covered with textile works of Thomas Renwart.
A collaboration with Textile artist Thomas Renwart / Les Monseigneurs.

"This new installation at Kunsthal Gent can be seen as an ever-evolving work in an architectural construction. The viewer/visitor can visit, enter and experience this almost sculptural approach from different angles and viewpoints. Several times a year, new canvases will be placed on top of the work, allowing it to continue to grow and evolve."

The Last Terminal: Reflections on the Coming Apocalypse


Rib, Rotterdam.

Mathew Kneebone & Olivier Goethals.

Maziar Afrassiabi: "In the first chapter of this program artist Mathew Kneebone has created a work that electrically connects to Rib’s infrastructure. His intervention will—in real-time—trigger blackouts in the building when they occur in his state of California. Rib and our operations including other works on display depend on electricity to function. Will the show end without it? Will it be incomplete? Will we need to burn wood and light candles during winter days? What will a blackout generate? It may induce liminality at Rib forcing us to redefine how we operate and interact.
The imminent ending of the operational status quo at Rib instigated by Kneebone is a transcription of how Lamorisse’s film was cut short as a direct result of the divergent expectations between artist and client leading to the helicopter crash which finally made the camera stop recording.

Artist and architect Olivier Goethals has developed the first stage of a scenography consisting of functional elements and display options as empty signifiers and placeholders for other works which may yet find their place in the program.

These two works which are a response to the space and our initial gesture (Le vent des amoureux) will be introduced at the level of and affecting Rib’s infrastructural conditions and throw it into a mist of uncertainty, anxiety and potentialities inviting and making visible this already existing condition in our field and in the world."

shortlist Ghent architecture prize


Kunsthal Gent: "The spatial context of Kunsthal Gent is a defining factor for the artistic activities there. The scenography is made an integral part of the artistic programme. It literally creates and organises the space for all other activities.
Kunsthal Gent Will always be a construction site!
User's Manual draft 1.2, quotes 80 & 7.

Kunsthal Gent is proud to announce that our spatial interventions are selected for the Ghent architecture prize. Thank you Olivier Goethals and Architectuur Gent."

limited editions


Gevaertsdreef01, Oudenaarde.

With artists: Karel Thienpont, Ellen Pil, Louis De Cordier, Sarah Pillen, Karel Thienpont, Jan Vindevogel, Lieven Herreman, Leen Van Tichelen, Atelier Pica Pica, Max Kesteloot & Olivier Goethals.

buy local 2

20210702 - 20210829

Groupshow at Kunsthal Gent



Work and exhibition corridor for the residents of Kunsthal Gent.
pictures: Lukas Neven.



Architectural project; renovation of a house. Designed together with my friends of LDSRa.

Summerschool Bouwaanvraag


ism Laura Muyldermans & LDSRa

We want to look up at the Sun, but could the Sun be looking down on us?


Publication at Building Fictions.
Authors: Rudy Guedj & Olivier Goethals.
Printing: Soft cover, 1 section CMYK, 2 sections in black and silver Edition: 500, 144 pages, 170×240 mm, 20€, ISBN: 9789082771237

We want to look up at the Sun, but could the Sun be looking down on us? is a hybrid translation of the work created for, as well as from the designs of the exhibition I SEE THAT I SEE WHAT YOU DO NOT SEE. (the dutch contribution to the XXII Triennale di Milano in 2019). The pavilion, designed by Olivier Goethals and Rudy Guedj, presented a layered, multidimensional image of the relationship that humans, animals, and landscapes maintain with darkness. With this publication, rather than using a book as the lifeless documentation of a space that doesn’t exist anymore, the designers suggest some kind of timeline to trace back their methodology and give an insight into their respective practices. Presenting sketchbooks, notes, floor plans, visual and textual translations of the material created before, during, and after the exhibition design process, the publication explores thoughts on cosmology, our relation with the sun, the forming and disappearing of images, and the potential of analogies when building narratives.

Bookrelease & 3 editions on display at San Serriffe Amsterdam, 8-17 April.

Graphic design Book: Rudy Guedj.
Many thx at Rudy for making this happen!

tarot editions

20210402 - 20210425

Groupshow at 019-Ghent. Curated by Adriënne van der Werf.
for this show I made the TOWER-card.

78 cards, 78 artists: Jacopo Pagin, Elisa Pinto, Lisa Ijeoma, Loulou João, Maya Strobbe, Toon Boeckmans, Louise Delanghe, Dieter Ravyts, Indre Svirplyte, Jonas Dehnen, Koi Persyn, Robbert&Frank/Frank&Robbert, Lisa Ottenburgh, Quinten Cartrysse, Dries Segers, Jules Labath, Olivier Goethals, Joëlle Dubois, Natasja Mabesoone, Katya Ev, Adriaan Marin, Flor Maesen & Sadrie Alves, Romane Claus, Gaia Lufrano, Jan en Randoald, Renée Pevernagie, Nokukhanya Langa, Steven Deprez, Sofie Vandevoorde, Manor Grunewald, Maxim Ryckaerts, Justine Bougerol, buren, Lieselotte Vloeberghs, Mariana Rebola, Raphaël Lecoquierre, Chloé Arrouy, Yoel Pytowski, Alexander Deprez, Dieter Durinck, Pommelien Koolen, Dominiek Colpaert, Atelier Brenda, Flexboj & L.A., Evy Bosman, Joselito Verschaeve, William Ludwig Lutgens, Ines Claus, Lysandre Begijn, Klaas Op De Beéck, Lindert Steegen, Lien Buysens, Sam Timmerman, Cecile Broekaert, Paul Ferens, Charlotte Symoens, Catharina Dhaen, Sybren Vanoverberghe, Tine Deboelpaep, Celina Vleugels, Rémie Vanderhaegen, Ellen Meers, Titus Simoens, Pieter Chanterie, Jan Laroy, Jade Kerremans, Lore Smolders, Jore Dierckx, Eva Vermeiren, Nello Margodt, Nina, Joy Thielemans, Jan Vandeplancke, Les Monseigneurs, Emma Robertsson, Thomas Boussu, Marlies De Clerck, Thomas Vandenberghe, Apparatus 22.

More you find HERE.



The Groupshow ‘PRELUDE’ is an exhibition organised by the ‘Belgian Art & Design Fair’ in an exceptional space in the heart of Ghent. Prelude’ celebrates making - somewhere between art and design. Above all the making in itself, without necessarily categorizing it. Sometimes one thing. Sometimes the other. Mostly in between.
The selection of 49 artists and designers is curated by Tatjana Pieters, doorzon interior architects, Stefanie Everaert & Caroline Lateur, architect Theo De Meyer and guest curator Christophe Urbain.
You find the catalogue HERE.

c-Site.3: Other


wonderful publication featuring works of Marc Nagtzaam, Fujino takashi, Ryuji Nakamura, Kozo Kadowaki, myself and many others. This Chinese/Japanese/English publication includes a large selection of my drawings and spaces. I also really enjoyed the Q&A conversation about the nature of Self and Other.

Thx at Maxim Cormier & Dainprint & Ori-Studio.

SL Display


Design of a mobile display for 019-project THE SERVING LIBRARY.
Images as displayed at LLS-Paleis, Antwerp.

wouters & hendrix


Wouters & Hendrix:
"Olivier Goethals’s sketchbooks served as inspiration for the'You Make My Heart Smile' Collection. His spontaneous and colorful drawings have an almost tangible aura. He allows himself to be guided by his intuition rather than conscious choice, which is precisely what we did while designing this collection.
W&H commissioned Olivier Goethals to create a series of unique artworks to complement the new collection.
Enjoy his colorful artwork in our stores from Friday Januari 22 until Sunday March 14."

Interview with Sofie Van De Velde, Katrin Wouters & Olivier Goethals HERE.

lecture at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

thx at Jo Taillieu.

Link to lecture HERE.


20200904 - 20201219

A groupshow in 019-ghent with: Agnieszka Kurant, Andrea Carlson & Rozalinda Borcila & Heidi Erdrich (Ojibwe), Bert Villa, Emi Kodama, Helmut Smits, Jessica Warboys, Kåre Frang, Leon De Bruijne, Lois Weinberger, Manoela Medeiros, Mathew Kneebone, Maximilian Schubert, Nicolas Deshayes, Nina Canell, Olga D’haene, Olivier Goethals, Sharon Van Overmeiren, Paul Barsch & Tilman Hornig, Tom Van Hee, Tom Volkaert & Zoro Feigl.

RESERVOIR is a project by Arnout De Cleene, Bert De Backer, Bieke Criel, Julian Braakman, Louis Desmet, Lyra Oey, Michiel De Cleene, Naomi Greenstein, Olivier Goethals, Stephanie Kiwitt, Tim Bryon, Tomas Lootens & Valentijn Goethals.


20200717 - 20200830

groupshow at Kunsthal Gent:
"In June, together with De Gentse Cultuurzomer and more than 50 cultural partners, Kunsthal Gent launched a call to take part in the first Summer Salon. There was a massive response 587 candidates also met the conditions. Those who live in Ghent and/or have a studio, followed an art study there or were able to present a clear artistic link with the city, could submit a recent work within set dimensions.
Ghent clearly has fertile ground for visual art. International art festivals and major exhibitions in the city's museums have put Ghent on the map since the 1980s. With various art schools, galleries and small organisations, the city also holds a strong attraction for young artists at the beginning of their careers. And in addition to this professional field, the large number of entries show that many others are involved with art.
The Summer Salon 2020 offers the opportunity to see this vast cross-section all its diversity. Paintings, prints, sculptures, photography and textile works, as well as a happening and offered services all together make up a well-filled exhibition in the style of the former Paris Salons. Moreover, all the work is for sale!"

KHG 03


Spatial intervention 3 for Kunsthal Gent.
Kunsthal Gent, Caermersklooster, Lange Steenstraat 14, Ghent.

"A new pavilion: Spatial Intervention KHG03 (space above the cinema + new designed bridge). KGH03 is a third spatial intervention by artist and architect Olivier Goethals. It follows after KHG01, which created a new entrance and several functional spaces on top of the choir in the hall church, and KHG02, which integrated a cinema/lecture room on the other side of the hall church. KHG03 is a relatively small pavilion, a “mini white cube” in which new exhibitions escape the complex and monumental architecture of the monastery and the Endless Exhibition. In this way, we investigate different forms of exhibitions and turn Kunsthal Gent into a layered and complex whole that offers starting points for different partners."

vlag 2020

20200701 - 20200930

Curated by Gautier Platteau.
2 Flags of 150x300cm for VLAG 2020
101 new flags for the province of West Flanders.

With works of Colin H. Van Eeckhout, Benoît Van Innes, Stephanie Leblon, Les Monseigneurs, We Became Aware, Stephane Vanfleteren, Joachim Coucke, Bram Demeuter, Floris Hoorelbeke, Olivier Goethals, Jurgen Maelfeyt, Jan & Randoald, Matthieu Ronsse, Robin Vermeersch, Tinus Vermeersch, Bert Huyghe, Dirk Zoete, Wim Opbrouck, Chloé D'Hauwe, Herr Seele, Carll Cneut, Corbin Mahieu, ...


20200529 - 20200628

Spatial intervention for groupshow Daily Night Shift at Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp.
Curated by Kunsthal Extra City, in collaboration with Simon Delobel and Olivier Goethals.

Participating artists amongst others Kader Attia, Fiona Connor, Danilo Correale, Alexander Deprez, Jos Jansen, Mathew Kneebone, Klara Lidén, Frederik Lizen, Melanie Manchot, Lieven Martens & Simon Van Honacker, Sam Meech, Karl Philips, Ann-Sofi Sidén, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Dennis Tyfus, Oriol Vilanova.



A new steel greenhouse, a curved stair and an outdoor connection; a small architectural project; designed together with my friends of LDSRa.

print@home coloring book made by artists in times of Corona


HERE you will find the completely free 'print@home coloring book made by artists in times of Corona'.
It can function as a medicine against possible boredom in times of lockdown or as a source of inspiration for the whole family. Each participating artist shared her/his work completely voluntarily. That is why it is important to know that this coloring book is for personal (domestic) use only and may not and cannot be used for commercial purposes! For the artists, it would be fantastic to be able to see some coloured drawings. You can always send these to:

Enter Through the void exit through the giftshop

20200213 - 20200216

A group show with different indoor shelters curated by Nein Arts for the show 'Enter Through the void exit through the giftshop'.
SHELTER; a 2 person sleep unit for theater artists performing at Campo Victoria.

FMC 2020


A Spatial intervention for Frans Masereelcentrum which serves as a workarea with lightbox, a library & restzone with roofgarden.
Built with help of friends of 019-Ghent: Tomas Lootens, Bieke Briel & Michiel De Cleene.
Pictures: Michiel De Cleene.
Many thx at Stijn Maes.


20191012 - 201912301

Re-take of the Dutch submission for La XXII Triennale di Milano.
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.
Commissioned by Guus Beumer & Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Curator Dutch Submission: Angela Rui, Marina Otero Verzier, Francien van Westrenen.
Graphic design & visuals: Rudy Guedj.
Spatial design: Olivier Goethals.


A permanent artpavilion for the new Bloemekenspark in UCO Ghent.

Public artproject commissioned by the city of Ghent.
Many thx to cultural administration of city of Ghent and to 019-Ghent.

biennale van belgie

20190621 - 20190630

Festival of Belgian contemporary art.
Floralienhal, Ghent.

7 Curatorial Collectives: 019-ghent / Nadar / Social Harmony / In De Ruimte / La Superette / Diesel project space / Forbidden City.
100 artists.

Participating artist for groupshow with collective 019-Ghent.
+ Together with 019-Ghent the design of RONDO structure which exhibits prints of previous installed works within the same space.


20190621 - 20190908

Dacca, Lagos, Manille, Mexico & Teheran.
Palais De Tokyo, Paris.

Curators : Hugo Vitrani & Fabien Danesi.
Spatial intervention & scenography : Olivier Goethals.

Groupshow with: Aderemi Adegbite, Mehraneh Atashi, Shishir Bhattacharjee, Biquini Wax EPS, Britto Arts Trust, Luciano Calderon, Chelsea Culprit, Ndidi Dike, Doktor Karayom, Ema Edosio, Kadara Enyeasi, Falz, Dex Fernandez, Dina Gadia, Betzabé García, David Griggs, Ha.Mü, Timmy Harn, La Havi, Amir Kamand, Hoda Kashiha, Lulu, Tala Madani, Farrokh Mahdavi, Pow Martinez, Arash Nassiri, Leeroy New, Emeka Ogboh, Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Adeola Olagunju, Ashfika Rahman, Mahbubur Rahman, Fernando Palma Rodríguez, John Jayvee del Rosario et Maine Magno (Urban Decay Planning), Bárbara Sánchez-Kane, Reetu Sattar, Mamali Shafahi, Reza Shafahi, Justin Shoulder, Mohammad Shoaib, Manuel Solano, Newsha Tavakolian, Stephen Tayo, Tercerunquinto, Traición, Maria Jeona Zoleta, Zombra…


20190531 - 20190602
Platvvorm, Deinze.

Curators: Katelijne de Corte, Jonas Lescrauwaet & Laurens Marien.

Groupshow with: Bebe Books, Bert Villa, Eva Vermeiren, Hanna Ravnsborg Hollevoet, Ilke Gers, Ines Claus, Jesse Cremers, Joachim Mares, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Jonas Vanhullebusch, Linde Dumolein, Maya Strobbe, Nienke Baeckelandt, Olivier Goethals, Pieter De Clercq, Sander Misplon, Siebert Mispelon, Thuy Lê Thi Thu, Willem Boel, Mia Syn, Mathias MU, You Can Call Me Page (Freddy Kakkerlak, Stef Meul, Sophie Melis, Alina Arshi, Chiara Monteverde, Nasrine kheltent, Giulia Piana), Zoé Lejour.

KHG 02


Spatial intervention 2; a cinema for Kunsthal Gent.
Kunsthal Gent, Caermersklooster, Lange Steenstraat 14, Ghent.

"On Friday 24 May at 20:00, Kunsthal Gent will present a brand new cinema in collaboration with Art Cinema OFFoff. After fifteen years OFFoff will leave its space in the Beguinage and Kunsthal Gent will become the new operating base. In the three-day programme 'Spaces of Cinema', they will pay tribute to the cinema as a magical place. On Friday there will be a performance by Teresa Cos (IT) and OFFoff will screen the film 'La Région centrale' by Michael Snow (CA). The cinema was designed by architect and artist Olivier Goethals (BE)."


20190323 - 20190414
Drawing Matter.
6 Cork Street, Mayfair, UK.

2019097 - 20190929
Rue de l'Ermitage 55, Brussels, BE.

2 group shows displaying architectural models; curated by Veldwerk Architects.

Participants: 2A+P A, 3144 Architects, AMUNT Martenson, Architecture Research Unit, Bardakhanova Champkins architects, Baukuh, BeL, Sozietät für Architektur, Bernd Schmutz Architekten, Bovenbouw Architectuur, Carmody Groarke, Caruso St. John, Christ & Gantenbein, Clancy Moore Architects, Conen Sigl Architekten, David Chipperfield Architects, David Kohn Architects, De Smet Vermeulen, Descloux Engelschall, Dierendonckblancke Architecten, Doorzon Interieurarchitecten, Dow Jones, Dyvik Kahlen Architects, ECTV, EM2N, ETH Prof Lehnerer, Eagles of Architecture, East Architecture, Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin, Fala atelier, Flores i Prats Architects, GAFPA, General Architecture, Gustav Appell Arkitektkontor, Haerynck Vanmeirhaeghe architecten, Hans van der Heijden, Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven, Hayatsu Architects, Hild und K Architekten, Hugh Strange, Johan Celsing, Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter, Knakiewicz & Fickert, Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk, Loelinger Strub, Lütjens Padmanabhan, Marie Jose van Hee, Max Otto Zitzelsberger, Mikael Bergquist, Monadnock, Muf Architecture/Art, Multerer Architekten, Murmuur Architecten, NP2F, Nikolaus Bienefeld, Noreile Breen, OMMX, Oda Pälmke, Office Winhov, Olivier Goethals, Ono architectuur, Point Supreme, Raamwerk, RLOALUARNAD, Robbrecht & Daem, Roz Barr Architects, Rural Urban Framework, Ryan W. Kennihan Architects, Sam Jacob Studio, Schneider Türtscher, Sergison Bates Architects, Smith & Taylor LLP Architects, Stephen Taylor Architects, Studio Thys Vermeulen, Svizzera 240, Taka Architects, Tomas Dirrix, Tony Fretton Architects, Traumnovelle, Veldwerk Architecten, Wim Goes Architectuur, Witherford Watson Mann, de Paor & noA architecten.

S.M.A.K. 20

20190316 - 20200429

, Jan Hoetplein 1, 9000 Ghent.
Spatial intervention for the expo: Highlights for a Future.
Celebrating 20 years of SMAK.


20190301 - 20190901

La XXII Triennale di Milano.
Broken Nature, Design Takes on Human Survival.
curator: Paola Antonelli.

Commissioned by Guus Beumer & Het Nieuwe Instituut.
Curator Dutch Submission: Angela Rui, Marina Otero Verzier & Francien van Westrenen.
graphic design: Rudy Guedj.
Spatial design: Olivier Goethals.

With works of: Ramon Amaro, Danilo Correale, Design Academy Eindhoven, Lucy McRae, Melvin Moti, Bregtje van der Haak, Richard Vijgen & Leanne Wijnsma.

KHG 01


Spatial intervention 1 for Kunsthal Gent.
Caermersklooster, Lange Steenstraat 14, Ghent.

"For the opening of Kunsthal Gent Olivier Goethals presents an impressive spatial intervention that functions as a new platform within the existing building. As structural furniture, it accommodates the space for new use. This intervention also shifts the public entrance from Lange Steenstraat to Vrouwebroersstraat. The new entrance offers an inviting view of the monumental hall church. KHG 01 is the first of a series of interventions in dialogue with the artistic programme. The monumental building will gradually change into its new shape as 'a city of contemporary art', in which different identities come together and respond to each other. The interventions of Olivier Goethals form the spatial support for these changes."


20181006 - 20181014

Villa Vertua Masolo, Via Garibaldi, 1, 20834 Nova Milanese.

Sabato 6 ottobre alle ore 18.30 inaugura presso la Villa Vertua Masolo, “Comrade Animal” il nuovo progetto a cura di Parasite 2.0. Con la partecipazione di: Sofia Belenky, Hunter Doyle, Leonardo Caffo, Leonardo Dellanoce, Gluqbar, Olivier Goethals, Palazzi.Club e Angelo Renna.


20181006 - 20181014
Stoom, Dijkstraat 45, 9700 Oudenaarde.

Curator: Harlinde De Mol.

With: Veerle Beckers, Celine Buttaye, Katelijne de Corte, Ronny Delrue, Harlinde De Mol, Leda Devoldere, Johan Gelper, Olivier Goethals, Hilde Overbergh, Lina Maria Peeters, Chantal Pollier, Bruno Vandenberghe, Nina Vandeweghe, Kristof Van Heeschvelde, Kevin Vanwonterghem, Karen Vermeren & Peter Waterschoot.


20180922 - 20181216

Extra City, Antwerp.

Curated by iLiana Fokianaki.

Participating artists Sven Augustijnen, Dora Budor, Chto Delat, Goldin+Senneby, Núria Güell, Femke Herregraven, Sanja Iveković, Sophie Jung, Kapwani Kiwanga, Metahaven, Nástio Mosquito, Trevor Paglen, Rebecka Thor & Petra Bauer, Anton Vidokle & Pelin Tan.

Spatial intervention; EXTRA MUUR by Olivier Goethals.


2018-Cancelled (NIMBY)

Design of a trailerpark in the municipality of Sint-Gilles-Waas.
Commissioned by the Flemish Goverment.
In collaboration with LDSRa and Jan Minne.


20180917 - 20181221

Campo Ghent.
A collaboration between Campo, Ntgent, Kask, Luca & Ritcs.

Participating artists: Jan Bultheel, Olivier Goethals, Sanja Miltrovic, Ersan Mondtag, Seppe Baeyens, Tom Galle, Florentina Holzinger & Btissame Amadour, Monster Truck , Zouzou Ben Chikha & Wannes Cappelle, Aline Bouvy, Suze Ilius, Els Moors, Vaast Colson, Fredo De Smet, Lara Staal, Ula Sickle, Fabian Barba, Renzo Martens, Junior Mtbombeni, Doris Uhlich.

Occupation and Hospitality


Booklaunch 019/ S&D024 / Ape117.


20180907 - 20180909

Castle of Horst, Holsbeek, Belgium.

Arts curated by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh.
with: 019-Ghent, Atelier Bow Wow, Caroline Coolen, Children Of The Light, Club Efemeer, Erki De Vries & Pieter Huybrechts, Katja Mater, Leon Vranken, Sheila Hicks.

Design spatial installation & secund stage with 019-Ghent.

Saturday 8 September: talk with Joseph Halligan (Assemble), Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Bow-Wow), Paul Robbrecht (Robbrecht&Daem), Jozef Wouters & Olivier Goethals (019-Ghent) moderated by Veronique Patteeuw.



Stretched surfaces & curved patterns.
Solo at BLANCO Ghent.


20180815 - 20180920

Roofshow at 019-Ghent.

With works by: Paul Barsch (DE), Lysandre Begijn (BE), Martin Belou (FR), De Cleene De Cleene (BE), Bram De Jonghe (BE), Kasper De Vos (BE), Kåre Frang (DK), Olivier Goethals (BE), Mathew Kneebone (US), Sophie Nys (BE), Pieter Paul Pothoven (NL), Stéphanie Saadé (LB), Dries Segers (BE), Santiago Taccetti (AR), Chantal Van Rijt (BE).


20180706 - 20180720

Oud Gerechtsgebouw, Koophandelsplein 23, 9000 Ghent.
Part of larger event I OBJECT.

Groupshow with flags of 019: Ilke Gers, John Morgan, Guang Yu, Tjobo Kho, Valentijn Goethals, Olivier Goethals, Roosje Klap, Pieter Vermeersch, Michiel De Cleene, Bert Huyghe, Lauren Grussemeyer, Jan en Randoald, Webecameaware.


20180708 - 20180826

Groupshow in Mechelen.
curator: lieven cateau.

With: Johan Gelper, Jan De Keyser, Wouter Cox, Karel De Meester, Katrin Bosmans, Lore Rabaut, Isa d'Hondt, Roeland Nieuwborg, Olivier Goethals and many others.



Winning design for a new tower for Doomkerke (B).
A project in collaboration with Laura Muyldermans & Dirk Jaspaert.



Design of an artwork/price.

Presentation of the laureate Hetty Helsmoortel for the price 'Maakbare Mens'.
Faculty council chamber of the University of Ghent.


20180330 - 20180430

Goudenleeuwplein, Ghent.

This project is a collaboration between Das Kunst vzw & 019.
For four weeks, RONDO will function as an experimental workstation and exhibition platform for work produced by children.
Design for 019-Ghent in close collaboration with Tomas Lootens.


20180318 - 20180621

Marion De Cannière, Leopoldplaats 12, 2000 Antwerp.

"TRANSFER will be hosted by Marion De Cannière and presented in the Marion De Cannière office space.
this space will be exclusively remodeled by Olivier Goethals to accommodate the different editions.
participating artists: Charlotte Van Renterghem, Ilja Kleinjans, Mathias Prenen, Saori Kuno, Maika Garnica, Sanne Vaassen, Winnie Claessens, Joachim Beens & Olivier Goethals."


20180209 - 20180211

Platvvorm, Neerleie 2, Deinze.

Groupshow with Niels Poiz, Edita Dermontaite, Thanh Long Lam, Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert, Bob Van De Putte, Dieter Durinck & Elke Van Kerckvoorde, Winne Lievens, Nathalie Chambart, Ben Benaouisse, Mark Grootes, So Oosterlynck, Leen Van Tichelen, Harlinde De Mol, Roeland Tweelinckx, Olivier Goethals, Benoît Félix, Freek Willems, Laura Van, Honoré d'O, Stief Desmet, Kristof Van Heeschvelde, Ella De Burca, Lore Rabaut, Lodewijk Heylen, Topo Copy, Katelijne De Corte en Jonas Lescrauwaet.

The word 'person' is derived from the latin ‘persona’; the masked character who acts his/her role on stage. I am intrigued by the non-dual relationship between consciousness and persons. In non-dualism persons share one infinite conscious field; they do not have a separate consciousness but rather one consciousness has innumerable persons.
Consciousness could be seen as one organism with multiple perceptors; its persons recognizing their deeper self behind daily masks.
The printed faces are from persons which stated on facebook that they would attend the openingsevent.
...At the opening I recognized most of them. : )


20171130 - 20180127

Art academy of Tielt, Lakenmarkt 3, 8700 tielt.

Groupshow with John Van Oers, Caroline Van Den Eynden, Conrad Willems, Guy Cleuren, Deprez Koen, Sarah Van Marcke, Julie Pfleiderer, Miriam Rohde, Sarah Westphal, Katleen Vinck, Johan Laethem, Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, Karl Philips en Olivier Goethals.



Installation commissioned by Luca School Of Arts.
Carre / Alexianenplein 1, Ghent.


20171028 - 20180107

flagpole with 019-Ghent.
Art center Ten Bogaerde, Koksijde.



Publication by Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

Essays of Tom Avermaete, Gideon Boie, Daniel Rosbottom & Lara Schrijver about the work of BureauVanEig, Eagles of Architecture, GAFPA, HCVA, Korth Tielens architecten, ONO architectuur, Olivier Goethals, Raamwerk, Studio DVMB, Studio Nauta, Studio Thijs Vermeulen & Wim Goes architecten.

x≠x / x=x+(-x)+x

20171029 - 20171119

Gevaertsdreef01, Oudenaarde.
Curated by Tim Volckaert & Anke Vandemeulebroeke.


20171020 - 20171029

De fabriek, Eindhoven.
Duch design week.

Concept & scenography with collective 019-Ghent.

Groupshow with artworks of Moritz Kung, Karel Martens, Filip Dujardin, Olivier Goethals, 019, Manor Grunwald, Michiel De Cleene, Stijn Cole, Quenton Miller, Theo De Meyer with Arthur Dekker, Luca-master textile design, Lydia Debeer, Mathew Kneebone, Ben Thorp Brown, Ilke Gers and more.



Lecture in De Singel, Antwerp.

"De creaties van Olivier Goethals bevatten een uitgekiende omgang met de fysieke en sociale context waarin ze tot stand komen. Op woensdag 13 september gaat hij in gesprek met Moritz Küng (onafhankelijk curator, o.a. architectuurbiënnale Venetië 2008) en Michiel Vandevelde (kunstenaar en artistiek team kunsthal extra city) over de grijze zone tussen architectuur en kunst."

Festival van de architectuur


interview in De Standaard.


20170810 - 20170826

Groupshow in Designmuseum Ghent.
With Lydia Debeer (BE), Mathew Kneebone (US / AU), Ben Thorp Brown (US), Manor Grunewald (BE), Quenton Miller (AU), Olivier Goethals (BE), Filip Dujardin (BE), Theo De Meyer with Arthur Dekker (BE) & Common Room (US).



Mariakapel, Machelen-Aan-De-Leie.
In collaboration with Raveelmuseum.

Spatial intervention commissioned by Nucleo, Studio Start, Cas-Co & Veneco.



20:00 lecture in De Singel, Antwerp.
VAI in collaboration with University Antwerp.



20170518 - 20170915

Concept & scenography with collective 019-Ghent.
Designmuseum Ghent / Hôtel De Coninck.



Solo at BLANCO, Oude Veeartsenijschool.
Coupure Rechts 308, 9000 Ghent.


20170324 - 20171025

S&D 031
, Jan Hoetplein, Ghent.


20170308 - 20170517

CIAP, Hasselt.

Groupshow with: Billie Zangewa, Atelier Van Lieshout, Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys, Marina Pinsky, Wermke & Leinkauf, Jef Geys, Lara Ogel, Apparatus 22, Kasia Fudakowski, Martijn Hendriks, Oliver Laric, Mika Rottenberg, Raffaella Crispino, Henrique Nascimento, Olivier Goethals, The Army Of Love & Casco, Gerard Herman and Monica Bonvicini.

Curators: Evelyn Simons & Isabel Van Bos.


20170225 - 20170312

Design installation & scenography.
Commissioned by Centrum Voor Beeldexpressie.

Curator: Evelien Bracke.



Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt Am Main.

Organized by Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

Dutch and Flemish architects discuss how their apparently radical architecture can produce a nuanced, poetic quality. With Goes & Berry (BE), Olivier Goethals (BE), Freek Persyn (51N4E) (BE), Lara Schrijver (Universiteit van Antwerpen) (NL) and Studio Donna van Milligen Bielke (NL).



RUST is a memorial for the victims of suicide.
Commissioned by the province of West Flanders.
Realized at the cemetery of Houthulst.

Realisation in collaboration with Kobe Vandeberghe and Boudy Verleye (Brihang).


20161008 - 20170212

Architektur aus Flandern und den Niederlanden. DAM Frankfurt.

Catalogus: Maatwerk. Made to measure / concept and craft in architecture from Flanders and the Netherlands / Vlaams Architectuurinstituut & Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Antwerpen.

Productie Vlaams Architectuurinstituut en Deutsches Architekturmuseum.
Curator Sofie De Caigny & Veldwerk architecten.

with: AE-architecten, BLAF, BureauvanEig, dHooge & Meganck Architectuur, Eagles Of Architecture, GAFPA, Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven, Haerynck Vanmeirhaeghe architecten, Korth Tielens architecten, Lilith Ronner Van Hooijdonk, Barend Koolhaas, Monadnock, Murmuur architecten, Open Architecture Office, ONO, Perneel Osten architecten, Raamwerk, Sander Rutgers, studio Anne Dessing, studio Donna Van Milligen Bielke, studio Nauta, studio Thys Vermeulen, Ard De Vries architecten, Tim Peeters architecten, TRANS architectuur stedenbouw, Werkstatt, Wim Goes architectuur.


20161001 - 20170118

Spatial intervention in locations Z33 in Hasselt & C-Mine design centre in Genk.
Part of the hybrid art festival stadstriënnale.

Curator: Evelien Bracke.

With: Atelier NL, Jesse Howard, Stijn Van Dorpe, Eugenia Morpurge, Henrique Nascimenco, Rotor, Kristof Vranken, Kopij, Henriette Waal, Andrea De Chirico, Pablo Calderon, Ben Hagenaars.

Laureate Provinciale Prijs Oost-Vlaanderen voor Vormgeving


Olivier, Valentijn Goethals & Tomas Lootens.
For works with 019-Ghent.

sculpture quadrennial

20160910 - 20161028

Riga, Latvia.
In its 12th edition SQR explores 'conservatism and liberalism' - the coexistence and interaction between these leading attitudes towards current social and political situation in Europe.

with: Kaspar Müller, Camille Goujon, Nikita Kadan, Denis Prasolov, Hanna Stahle, Signe Johannessen, Ronny Faber Dahl, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Markus Kåhre, Jacob Jessen, Olaf Brzeski, Kim De Ruysscher, Gundega Evelone, Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo, Ieva Saulīte, Kirill Tulin, Johannes Säre, Jaanus Samma, Iterje Ojaver, Juozas Laivys, Zilvinas Landzbergas, Mindaugas Navakas, Nele Möller, Florian Deeg, Justin Charles Hoover, Hadas Maor.

Curated by Sampling; Liene Jaakobsone & Manten Devriendt.

sabotage and complicity


Publication with the recent works of 019-Ghent.
Artpapereditions 069 & Smokeanddust.



Spatial installation for Nucleo.
Veeartsenij Coupure Rechts 308 Ghent.



installation mobile flag 019-Ghent.

Design of temporary ACCEPT CHANGE-flag and mobile flag-base design.

play sincerely !


Solo at Nucleo, paddenhoek 12, Ghent.



Opening billboardseries.
019-Ghent & artlead.

Design billboard.


20150721 - 20150725

spatial installation for Boomtown festival, Ghent.
With 019-Ghent.
Graphic design: Webecameaware.


20150514 - 20150516

019-ghent + Be-part + Riot:

"Featured works at the fair include an edition of flags commemorating BOLD ITALIC‘s 10 year run (a project in collaboration with Michaël Bussaer), a sneak-peak of Pieterjan Ginckels‘s forthcoming Beaufort piece “Black Buzz”, Hana Miletic‘s “Kolona”, Olivier Goethals super-sized print series, “Entropie”, and a new 019-flag by Matthew Stadler."



Kerk, Gentbrugge.

Groupshow with Eva Vermeiren, Michael Bouchez, Carla Langenbick, Inge Deketelaere, Isabel Langenbick, Bram Antheunis, Olivier Goethals, Jelle Van Den Heede, Vladimir Iveanu, Isa Dewispelaere, Iwan Baeten, Jim Schol en Pascale Petterson.


20150423 - 20150515

Solo in 019-Ghent.


20150418 - 2015051

G-55 - Gallerij Vijfenvijftig, Bernard Loderstraat 55, 1083 Amsterdam.

Ruben Boeren, Joachim Coucke, Heleen De Ceuninck, Thierry Dewijn, Kenneth De Vooght, LJ Frezza, Daan Gielis, Olivier Goethals, Kristof Lemmens, Karl Philips, Benoit Plateus, Maxim Ryckaerts, Isabel Tesfazghi, Mathieu Vandekerckhove, Van der Borght Bjornus, Simon Verheylesonne, Mathias Wille, Matthias Yzebaert.


20150327 - 20150423

Opening of second year of 019-Ghent.

With Willem Boel, Paul Elliman, Ilke Gers, Olivier Goethals, Bert Huyghe, Ine Meganck, Quenton Miller, Phill Niblock, V.Vale, Giacomo Verneda, Colin H. Van Eeckhout & We Became Aware.


20150305 - 20150308

Nucleo, Lindelei Ghent.

Groupshow with: Luanda Casella & Giovanni Barcella, Thomas De Ridder, Olivier Goethals, Bert Heytens, Bert Joostens, GAFPA & Max Kesteloot, Kristof Lemmens & Paul C. Luttik, Thierry Mortier.

so many dark gifts


Publication recent work 019-Ghent.
Artpapereditions 047 & Smokeanddust.


20141218 - 20150301

BE-PART Waregem.

A collaboration between Valentijn Goethals & Olivier Goethals.

Fifty visits to fictional buildings


collages for DWB 2014/5 Magazine.
Edited by Christophe Van Gerrewey.



Entrepot Fictief, Jacob Van Caeneghemstraat 16, Ghent.

Group show with: Leen Van Tichelen, Gert Scheerlinck, Griet Van De Velde, Filip Gheysen, Carlos Caballero Hernandez and others.
Curator: Ben Benaouisse.



Commissioned by Campus't Zwart Goor, Merksplas.
Project in collaboration with Tomas Lootens.



Groupshow within the Novgorod festival Ghent.
Publication TopoCopy.

Curated by Thierry Mortier.



Opening 019-Ghent.
A new art venue for Ghent.
Dok Noord 5l, 9000 Ghent.



Spatial intervention in CC De Schakel, Waregem.
Realisation in collaboration with Tomas Lootens & Valentijn Goethals.



Zwart Wild, Meibloemstraat 14, 9000 Ghent.

There are stories of coincidence and chance and intersections and strange things told and which is which and nobody knows.

20131128 - 20131208

Group show in Paddenhoek 12, Ghent.

Curators: Laura Herman & Mieke Mels.


20130411 - 20130427

Old palace of justice.
Koophandelsplein 23, 9000 Ghent.

Group show with: Chris Van Der Burght, Ilse Selhorst, Stephen Verstraete, Aäron Willem, Jeroen Elsen, Olivier Goethals, Delphine Lebon, Casper Verborg & Helmut Van den Meersschaut.

Curator: Ben Benaouisse.


20130223 - 20130310

Group show at Plateau, Rozier, university Ghent.
With Nicoline Van Stapele, Leo Copers, Agnes Maes, Mario De Brabandere, Ben Benaouisse, Sofie Muller and others.



Group show at Beguinage St Elisabeth, Ghent.

With: Mira Albrecht, Bardthesque, Ben Benaouisse, Brantt, Mario De Brabandere, Ann Decaestecker, Wim de Maat, Olivier Goethals, Stephanie Leblon, Maaike Leyn, Stephanie Maeseele, Kristof Van Heeschvelde & Nicoline van Stapele.



Publication artistbook ODD 001 KADUC.
Graphic Design in collaboration with Webecameaware.

de connectie


Group show at KTA, Lindelei 38.
Curated by Frederik De Preester & Alan Quireyns.

43e grote prijs tekenkunst stad Ronse

20111126 - 20120108

Group show.



Permanent installation for Sound Factory, Concertgebouw Bruges.
Esther Venrooy & Olivier Goethals.
Commissioned by Concertgebouw Bruges.


20100612 - 20100627

groupshow at Jan Garemijnzaal, Stadshallen, Bruges.
First prize.