20150721 - 20150725

019-Ghent Project / Smoke and Dust recordings.
Spatial design & drawings by Olivier Goethals.
Graphic design and banners by Webecameaware.
Execution by 019-crew.
Pictures by Michiel De Cleene.

S&D#026 is a pavilion within Boomtown conducted during the Gentse Feesten which presents a snapshot of experimental music in and around Ghent. The pavilion is created by 019, which for five days will close its doors to move into the city centre. Situated in the middle of the festival will be a cube scaffolding construction of 8 x 8 x 8 metres (S&D#026) where over 20 artists/collectives will be invited to connect with the audience. Interventions take place in the margin of the festival in the form of concerts, installations, video screenings, performances, or a mix thereof.

Above: the Ka'aba and Chinese scaffolding structures were the main reference for this project.