A new spatial intervention for Kunsthal Gent.
KHG03 makes the physical connection between previous interventions. (KHG01 & KHG02)
A wooden bridge is leading the visitor to a new pavilion; a white cube on top of the cinema.
Kunsthal Gent, Caermersklooster, Lange Steenstraat 14, Ghent.

Kunsthal Gent: "KGH03 is a third spatial intervention by artist and architect Olivier Goethals. It follows after KHG01, which created a new entrance and several functional spaces on top of the choir in the hall church, and KHG02, which integrated a cinema/lecture room on the other side of the hall church. KHG03 is a relatively small pavilion, a “mini white cube” in which new exhibitions escape the complex and monumental architecture of the monastery and the Endless Exhibition. In this way, we investigate different forms of exhibitions and turn Kunsthal Gent into a layered and complex whole that offers starting points for different partners."

Pictures: Michiel De Cleene.
Structural engineer: Elise Vandewalle.