A permanent art pavilion for the new Bloemekenspark in Ghent.
2 Windows function as exhibiting vitrines.

Ik ben, Ik ben,
I Am, I Am,

Staging possibilities.
A resting stop, a pavilion, a place to show, to sit, a landmark, an artwork, a stage to play, a bench, a place to gather, an exhibition place, a meeting point, a smoking area, a hangout spot, ... while waiting for nature to take over.

Public art project commissioned by the city of Ghent.

Concrete, bricks, steel, glas, vinyl text, various plants.
1100 x 650 x 320 cm.

Many thx to city of Ghent (Dries Van Melkebeke, Astrid Van Ingelgom, Bram Ghyoot, Maarten Herbots, ...), 019-Ghent, the different contractors and Bauwens NV & Leen Van Tichelen.

Pictures: Michiel De Cleene.