20170518 - 20170915

During 4 months 019-Ghent hacked the first floor (the neoclassic Hôtel De Coninck) of the Designmuseum Ghent and curated several events and exhibitions.

Design of scenography inside the Hôtel, design of an entrance tower and design of the new billboard.
I also sneaked in some artworks within one of the group shows we curated.

Because 019 wanted to work independent of the opening hours of the museum we made a separate entrance. We did that by building a scaffolding tower on an empty plot on the side of the museum and by cutting a hole in the brickwall which functioned as a new doorway. By building a 16m high tower we also could invite artists to work in the surrounding streets and on the rooftops which were visible from this new tower. This temporary landmark highlighted the huge potential of this empty plot in the city centre of Ghent.

After 4 months we mortared the cut-out brick surface back in. The new billboard remained and still functions.
Every 4 months a new work is shown; curated by 019.

Pictures: Michiel De Cleene.

MOMP with works of Filip Dujardin, Mortiz Kung, Karel Martens, Manor Grunewald, Ben Thorp Brown, Nicolas Lamas, Ilke Gers, Jan & Randoald, Experimental Jetset, Common Room, Gestalte, Michiel De Cleene, Post Brothers, Theo De Meyer & Arthur Dekker, 019-team, myself and many more !