20191012 - 201912301


Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.
Spatial lightwork for the expo I SEE THAT I SEE WHAT YOU DON'T SEE.
NIGHTLIGHT = 12 dancing mirror trees.
An ode to Aldo Van Eycks destroyed installation; his 1969 submission for the Designtriennal in Milan.

This lightwork was part of a groupshow in HNI, Rotterdam.
A re-take of the Dutch submission for La XXII Triennale di Milano of 2019.

with works of: Ramon Amaro, Danilo Correale, Design Academy Eindhoven, Lucy McRae, Melvin Moti, Bregtje van der Haak, Richard Vijgen & Leanne Wijnsma.

Graphic design & visuals: Rudy Guedj.
Spatial Installation: Olivier Goethals.