20111009 - ongoing.

Permanent installation for Sound Factory, Concertgebouw Bruges.
Esther Venrooy & Olivier Goethals.
Commissioned by Concertgebouw Bruges.

Esther asked to collaborate on an installation in the lantern tower of Concertgebouw Bruges.
We designed an audible & spatial installation in a concrete reinforced hallway; in a weird non-space which connects the different floors for the visitor.
Installing 7 mirroring aluminum surfaces and a range of different sound speakers.

The intervention reinforces existing spatial and audible qualities; that is the hard and sharp spatial acoustics of this given location.

Using bass shakers and other speakers -which were visible in the space, as well as mounted on the backside of the mirroring aluminum surfaces- sound and light is refracted.
Creating visible vibrating mirror images of what is.