2017 - ongoing.

Pointing to a non-dual reality. The dynamic time aspect of a previously made GIF-movie is translated into a motionless surface area.


The universe at its largest scale looks in structure and behavior similar to that of a brain.

Even more, the perceived universe is the exact projection of the brain of the individual organism which looks at the universe.
The fine-tuning fits its perceiver.

So for us the universe looks like a human brain; the brain of the one who is perceiving; the one who experiences her personal material universe. And since we all share a similar brain structure, we share the commonality of what is; our objectivity is no more than a shared inter-subjective agreement.
Rovelli's relational quantum mechanics is clear: we all have our own personal material universe. The relational and thus material expression of ontic mentation -the collapse of the wave function- looks like the brain or universe we inhabit.
Between us humans the universe looks quite the same but e.g. for an insect the material universe will look totally different and similar to their nervous system.

We live in the projection of our personal brain, but we named this holographic principle: the shared material universe.

In disguise or Ego<I<God wake up in my own dream.
Self-resolving the riddle's paradox, I aim I am. I am I am. I.

About time, space and how it relates to beauty, meaning and well-being.

Time can be understood as the experience of relationship between events in our mind and space as the experience of relationship between things in our perception (F.Lucille, R.Spira).

Time and space thus share a similar structure in their definition. That’s why we can use the same ‘tools’ like composition, harmony, structure, rithm, … for music (1D time) as well as for spatial design/architecture (2D surface, 3D space). By using composition, structure, harmony we can construct relationship into music and spatial design. The more relationships we add, the more meaningful we experience a piece of music (e.g. Bach sonate) or a spatial experience (e.g. medieval cathedral) to be.

So meaningful music as well as meaningful spatial design is saturated with internally constructed relationships. This clustered relationship is somewhat recognizable as patterned, and we intuitively experience it as meaningful or beautiful. And if we, within the moment, can meta-consciously reflect at the moment of experiencing beauty, we describe this as the feeling of well-being... We feel, believe and experience health; our optimal being.
That's why beauty truly matters and will always be more important than the imposed feeling of security and safety which is so prominent in our culture.

The summum bonum of relationship itself, in space and time, is dimensionless silence; the no-thing which relates to all-things. This point is infinitesimally small, it is the singularity we know and refer to as ‘I’ or the HereNow who you are and everything else with sentience, is.


It is about perceiving one's own body and the behavior of what it does, one's own mind and the thoughts and emotions which appear in it and the world/environment and the seemingly external events which happen in it SIMILAR to each other.
So there is no differentiation between what happens outside or inside; what is culturally defined as the physical boundaries of a person.
We normally say 'I think, I breathe and it rains'. if you look closer, some people say 'I think, it breathes and it rains'. But you do not control any of your thoughts; they appear like the rain; so better 'it thinks, it breathes, it rains'. But if you have a felt experience of this (classically called a mystical experience or in atheist terms an ecological experience); you understand that 'It is I'; because 'You are It'.
So 'I think, I breathe AND I rain' is suitable real. If 'it rains' outside, YOU are raining, because thinking, breathing and raining are just a temporary CONTENT of who you are; the KNOWING REALITY in which all content happens. Content and context are the same; they are your reflected constructs.
This does not mean that you have the personal volition to change them; but by the personal unconditionally accepting of what is; the continuous acceptance of change; you impersonally construct the whole of reality which will (as a consequence) benefit you personal.
The felt moment this makes sense for you; aka the very moment just before you reflect on all of this with your thought, you experience what is called grace. And that HERENOW-experience of Self (outside spacetime) is the felt container in which the bodymindworld (or all phenomenal content) happens.

I=(I+(-I)+I)+(-( I +(-I)+I))+(I+(-I)+I)
I (or Will) = I (or Representation or the symbolic realm of matter).
A noumenal interior perspective has to be expressed as a relational phenominal exterior event (1 Trinity). But this material representation is always patterned because the sum of all opposites of its structure has to be a whole. So imagine it like I=I+(-I)+I or I=(I+(-I)+I)+(-( I +(-I)+I))+(I+(-I)+I) ...and so on. The felt experience of the union of the represented opposites in ones personal spacetime construction is the experience of meaning. The patterning is archetypical and gives rise to Jungian synchronicity experiences; actually all experience is synchronistic but commonly we do not grasp it as such and we frame it causal.
+-+---+-+---------+-+---+-+---------------------------+-+---+-+---------+-+---+-+ ...
Spacetime is only part of the representation or symbolic material side of the equation and is not to be found in its timeless noumenal counterpart.
I=I+(-I)+I ... why 'I' or Consciousness? Because everything is one I; the one eye or experiencer experiencing the many also-I. The underlying mental Wholeness (Will or a 'Unified Conscious Quantum Field' to use the descriptive conceptual language of today) is in its representation fractally fragmented and displayed as matter... infinite mirroring opposites using a spacetime interface.
The original sin is when you here&now forget who you are. Aim here&now to remember, Aim to be that which is. I=I, I=ALL because You are It.

Imagination creates beauty so that will can love its goodness and reason understands its truth.

The world, others & stars are below.
What I love is what I am.
What I love aims above, as I lift all below.