2017 - ongoing.

pointing to non-dual reality.
These language compositions are a spinoff of the GIF-movies.
Here the dynamic time aspect of a GIF is translated in a motionless surface area.


It is about perceiving one's own body and the behavior of what it does, one's own mind and the thoughts and emotions which appear in it and the world/environment and the seemingly external events which happen in it SIMILAR to each other.
So there is no differentiation between what happens outside or inside; what is culturally defined as the physical boundaries of a person.
We normally say 'I think, I breathe and it rains'. if you look closer, some people say 'I think, it breathes and it rains'. But you do not control any of your thoughts; they appear like the rain; so better 'it thinks, it breathes, it rains'. But if you have a felt experience of this (classically called a mystical experience or in atheist terms an ecological experience); you understand that 'It is I'; because 'You are It'.
So 'I think, I breathe AND I rain' is suitable real. If 'it rains' outside, YOU are raining, because thinking, breathing and raining are just a temporary CONTENT of who you are; the KNOWING REALITY in which all content happens. Content and context are the same; they are your reflected constructs.
This does not mean that you have the personal volition to change them; but by the personal unconditionally accepting of what is; the continuous acceptance of change; you impersonally construct the whole of reality which will (as a consequence) benefit you personal.
The felt moment this makes sense for you; aka the very moment just before you reflect on all of this with your thought, you experience what is called grace. And that HERENOW-experience of Self (outside spacetime) is the felt container in which the bodymindworld (or all phenomenal content) happens.