x=x+(-x)+x is a light installation for a solo show in Gevaertsdreef.01 in Oudenaarde (2017).
Curated by Tim Volckaert & Anke Vandemeulebroeke.

In 2018 this work was shown in a group show in the Academy of Tielt and in 2019 in the group show Biƫnnale van Belgiƫ.

I am fascinated with this most banal mathematical equation x=x+(-x)+x.

One can easily replace the content on the right side of the equation with the same formula and thus create an infinite sequence which can be understood as a fractal wave structure. The output of this formula is the most common expression of nature; in space (Floral mandalas, romanesco, ...) as well in time (seasons in the year, planets revolving around stars, the Chinese I-Ching, ...).

This mathematical formula lays also at the basis for the wavy drawings I call EXCITATIONS; which are shown in the background of the installation.

Becomes x= (x+(-x)+x) +(-(x+(-x)+x)) + (x+(-x)+x)
Becomes x= ((x+(-x)+x) +(-(x+(-x)+x)) + (x+(-x)+x)) + (-((x+(-x)+x) +(-(x+(-x)+x)) + (x+(-x)+x)) + ((x+(-x)+x) +(-(x+(-x)+x)) + (x+(-x)+x))
And so on.

If continued this results in a fractal code which can be interpreted as a timeline.
This code is translated into the duration of the light installation.

light L= +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
light L+1 = +++++++++---------+++++++++
light L+2 = +++---+++---------+++---+++
light L+3 = +-+---+-+---------+-+---+-+
light L+n ...

+ being the unit of time being switched on.
- being the unit of time being switched off.

For this work there is a sequence with 2x7 lights. Each of these 7 duos gives a different expression to the same formula.
They express a different depth of the sequence while showing mutual synchronicity.

check a fragment of the sequence HERE!

Many thanks to Valentijn Goethals, Mathieu Serruys & Jelle Byon.
Pictures: Michiel De Cleene.