20200717 - 20200830

groupshow at Kunsthal Gent:
"In June, together with De Gentse Cultuurzomer and more than 50 cultural partners, Kunsthal Gent launched a call to take part in the first Summer Salon. There was a massive response 587 candidates also met the conditions. Those who live in Ghent and/or have a studio, followed an art study there or were able to present a clear artistic link with the city, could submit a recent work within set dimensions.
Ghent clearly has fertile ground for visual art. International art festivals and major exhibitions in the city's museums have put Ghent on the map since the 1980s. With various art schools, galleries and small organisations, the city also holds a strong attraction for young artists at the beginning of their careers. And in addition to this professional field, the large number of entries show that many others are involved with art.
The Summer Salon 2020 offers the opportunity to see this vast cross-section all its diversity. Paintings, prints, sculptures, photography and textile works, as well as a happening and offered services all together make up a well-filled exhibition in the style of the former Paris Salons. Moreover, all the work is for sale!"