KHG 01


Spatial intervention 1 for Kunsthal Gent.
Caermersklooster, Lange Steenstraat 14, Ghent.

"For the opening of Kunsthal Gent Olivier Goethals presents an impressive spatial intervention that functions as a new platform within the existing building. As structural furniture, it accommodates the space for new use. This intervention also shifts the public entrance from Lange Steenstraat to Vrouwebroersstraat. The new entrance offers an inviting view of the monumental hall church. KHG 01 is the first of a series of interventions in dialogue with the artistic programme. The monumental building will gradually change into its new shape as 'a city of contemporary art', in which different identities come together and respond to each other. The interventions of Olivier Goethals form the spatial support for these changes."

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