Kunsthal Gent introduces its new bar, Sheela's. Ghent artists Theo De Meyer and Olivier Goethals together created an entirely new space at the entrance to Kunsthal Gent's main hall church. With the bar as a central element, this becomes a place for meeting and relaxation, complementing the building's work and exhibition spaces. In their practice, De Meyer and Goethals explore the boundaries of architecture, art and design. The result is a natural confluence of two highly personal visual languages.

The new bar takes its name from the Summerschool organised by Jesse Jones and Sara O'Rourke at Kunsthal Gent in the summer of 2022. The figure 'Sheela na Gig' is a medieval guardian spirit, a 'witch in the wall' still found on churches and other buildings across Europe.

Sheela's is open on weekends from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and during all public moments at Kunsthal Gent.

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